Your villa on Bali

To build your own house on Bali, has become a dream for many people. We can make your dream come thru. You can build one of our beautiful villas or design your own with our skilled architect.

Most of our clients use there house partly to enjoy it themselves and otherwise to get some profit from rental. The rental business in North Bali is booming !





We build these villas sins 2009 and have succeeded to complete several large projects.

The 6 different type of villas are all manufactured by high standing materials as, stainless steel and bankirai wood.

We work together with a landscape designer to make your garden to a tropical paradise.

At north Bali we build these houses with the garden adjacent to the beach. This results in a spectacular wide view over the Bali sea. This makes the houses to a perfect location for tourists to spend there holidays.

type of villas

Bali Beach Garden projects
uw paradijs op aarde