The most populair villa at the moment is the Buka,

    A house with a open character, very suitable for the

    tropical climat on Bali.

    Ground surface : 325² m.


    € 127.000 excl. ground      





    Buka kecil


    The smaller version of the Buka.


    Ground surface : 195 m²


    € 105.000 excl. ground








     Very nice large villa with a lot of possibilities.  


     Ground surface : 220 m²


     € 97.000 excl. ground








     Large tropical villa, widely build with sea view also

     from the bedrooms.


    Ground surface : 170 m²


    € 88.000 excl. ground








     Playful octagonal villa with the terrace all around. 


     Ground surface : 120 m²


     € 77.000 excl. ground






     Bagan bagas


     Large villa with open living space at the first floor.


     Ground surface : 325 m²


     € 142.000 excl. ground

Bali Beach Garden projects
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